Shibui Sample PRogram


Sample garments are an excellent way to draw customer attention to a pattern or a yarn. If you have knit a Shibui Knits pattern as a store sample using Shibui Knits yarn, we will be happy to credit your account for the cost of the yarn used. Please provide a photo of the finished garment; you can include a link to an Instagram or Facebook posts or, if you are not active on social media, you can upload a photograph of the finished garment  (displayed in your store) and fill out the form below to receive your credit. If the garment is from an upcoming collection that has not yet been released, please do not post it to social media until after the collection launches.

**You may use the sample credit program to get up to $600 in credits, in one year. You may request sample credits for items that are displayed in your shop, and were knit in the last 12 months

Name *
Include pattern name and size.
Include yarn base, color and number of skeins used to knit the sample.
If you posted a photo of the finished garment to social media, please include the link here.
Photo Upload *
If you did not post to social media, please upload a photograph of the finished garment to dropbox.