Frequently Asked Questions

General Support

Q: What is the best way for me to contact Shibui Knits?

A: You can contact Sandy Barnes, Sales Manager at or Luke Hughes, Marketing Manger at for the quickest response.


Q: How do i Ensure my customers are getting the most recent updates from Shibui Knits? 

A: The best way to ensure your customers receive communications from Shibui Knits is to visit the New Retail Account webpage and subscribe them to the Retail Newsletter.  You can enter your customers email addresses (owner and employees) by simply typing them into the form one at a time. Even if they are already on the list - the system will simply merge the two accounts.


Q: Where can i purchase or download your patterns?

A: For you as a Sales Rep: Free and free-with-purchase patterns are available in the sales rep login on the download patterns page. Please feel free to access and share with your customers at anytime. Patterns that are not free or free with purchased can be requested by contacting Luke Hughes at or Sandy Barnes at These patterns are not meant to be distributed to your customers.

A: For your Shibui Knits customers: Retail partners have a login very similar to the one provided to sales reps and all Free and free-with-purchase patterns are available to them by logging into their own account and clicking on the link for "Download patterns".  Printed patterns may be purchased through our regular order form or on Ravelry.


Q: Does Shibui Knits offer sample reimbursements? If so, what are the criteria?

A: Yes, Shibui Knits is proud to run a sample reimbursement program for our retail partners. Reimbursements apply to any pattern or garment as long as Shibui Knits yarn is used. To request reimbursement credit, fill out our store sample online form, take a photo of the completed garment and upload it to Dropbox, and a credit for the yarn used will be applied to your next order. Limit one sample per pattern, with the exception of remixes.

Q: Are your patterns written in any other languages?

A: No, but if you require a Shibui Knits pattern in a different language for your customers, you are welcome to translate it. Please let us know which pattern(s) you have translated.

Q: How do I schedule a trunk show?

A: To request a trunk show for a Shibui Knits Retail Partner, please fill out our trunk show request form.


Ordering Information

Q: I have a New Shibui Knits Customer. What are the minimums and How do I submit the first order?

A: To submit an order for Shibui Knits yarns and patterns, please complete the order form on the home page. First order minimum is $1,000, with no minimum order thereafter. 

Q: What are the payment options?

A: We accept all major credit cards, checks and PayPal. Payment is due before orders are shipped. Shibui Knits does not offer payment terms.


Q: When will the order ship? What are the shipping options?

A: If items are in stock we ship within 1–2 days of receiving the order. Orders are typically shipped with UPS Ground; expedited shipping options are available upon request.


Q: What does it mean if an item is back ordered?

A: If an item is back-ordered, you can still place an order for it, and we will ship when the item is available. We do not charge for back orders until they ship. Most back-ordered items take, on average, 3–4 weeks to be restocked in our warehouse. All orders for back-ordered items remain in our system until they are available or until you cancel your order for them.


Shibui Knits Selling Direct and MSRP

Q: Do you sell directly to knitters?

A: Yes, we began selling directly to knitters via our online website in 2018.


Q: What will this mean for my customers selling Shibui Knits?

A: In order to honor our commitment to our retail partners, Shibui Knits will always provide the opportunity for retail stores to do their email marketing of new products by first, by providing access to marketing material at least 7 days prior to Shibui Knits sending any email marketing. 


Q: What Marketing Materials will be made available?

A: Shibui Knits provides high quality images of both yarn and patterns for you to use both online and in print. Shibui Knits will continue to offer new products and free with purchase patterns on a regular basis.


Q: Where can marketing material be accessed?

A: Both pattern downloads and images of yarn and patterns are available through the Shibui Knits Login sites.


Q: How will Retail partners know when marketing materials have been updated?

A: Shibui Knits will send a retailer newsletter to your inbox announcing new material is available. You can also check the home page of the Shibui Knits login pages for both recent and upcoming marketing material, as well as recent and upcoming shipments.


Q: How long will there be between initial marketing materials access and shibui knits email marketing campaigns?

A: There will always be at least one week (7 days) between the date the marketing materials will be available to retail partners and when Shibui Knits releases a related direct email campaign.


Q: When will the timer start on my 7 day head start?

A: The moment you are allowed to sell the product in your store. This applies to new yarns, new colors and new pattern releases.


Q: What will the Shibui knits website look like during my 7 day head start?

A: On the day that that retailers are allowed to sell patterns and yarn in store, the Shibui Knits website will be shoppable - however, there will be NO direct email marketing for that product sent from Shibui Knits for at least 7 days.


Q: What does the shibui knits email marketing look like?

A: Shibui Knits email marketing will feature Images that link to the Shibui Knits website, with two buttons following.
First Button: "Find a Store New You" - links to an interactive stockist page
Second Button: "Purchase online" - links to yarn, pattern or kit page


Q: How does Shibui Knits expect retailers to price products?

A: Retail partners are free to sell at any price they want. Shibui Knits does encourage you to sell at the suggested retail pricing as it is set to provide healthy gross margins for local yarn stores.


Q: What is the current suggested retail pricing and what gross margin does that provide for retail partners?

A: Birch:  $15.50 (55% margin)
     Cima:  $16.50 (58% margin
     Drift:  $24 (55% margin)
     Fern:  $19.50 (55% margin)
     Lunar:  $18.50 (55% margin)
     Maai:  $17.50 (54% margin)
     Pebble:  $19.50 (54% margin)
     Rain:  $20 (55% margin)
     Reed:  $20 (55% margin)
     Silk Cloud:  $26.50 (55% margin)
     Staccato:  $16.50 (55% margin)
     Twig:  $21.50 (54% margin)